Dr. Pete Andersen has 54+ years of teaching swimming experience.  He first learned how to teach swimming as a freshman at Evanston Township High School, Evanston, IL.  Their learn-to-swim station program was copied by many other high schools at the time.  He went on to become a 5-time All-American swimmer at Indiana University coached by famed mentor, Doc Counsilman.  From Doc, he learned how to apply physics principles to his swimming instruction.

After completing his Master’s Degree at IU he became the Director of Aquatics and head swim coach for Maine West High School and the City of Des Plaines, IL park district.  He taught numerous student instructors employed by the park district for their Saturday and summer swim school programs.

Four years later he entered the top-rated Ph.D. program in his major field of study at the University of Toledo.  Three months into the program his wife gave birth to triplet boys.  He had to complete a three year degree program in two years.  For his dissertation he tested the 1972 United States Men’s Olympic Swimming Team as subjects. His major emphasis was in Perceptual-Motor Learning and Sport Psychology or how we best learn motor skills, and went on to coach All-American collegiate women and high school boys.

With the power of physics and psychology of learning principles, he created a unique learning system of six methods unlike any other program or instructor as the new science of swimming instruction. He noted that major programs do not reach enough people, and created a simple system starting in the home without a pool that could help save more lives worldwide.

To practice what he preached, he started to compete again in the Masters and Senior Olympic swimming programs.  After several years of hard training using his own principles for efficient technique he set national and world records.  To date he has won 21 Senior Olympic Summer Games Gold Medals.

In June of 2008 he retired as a school superintendent, wrote and published his first book, PURPOSEFUL INTENT, to learn intrinsic motivation using three inter related skills known as The Triad Performance Improvement System used by most all top performers.  This large comprehensive work is now being turned into a co-authored book series with experts in their fields.

His second book, TEACH YOURSELF TO SWIM LIKE A PRO IN ONE MINUTE STEPS, is being heralded as the new science of swimming instruction because all the content is based on physics and psychology of learning principles.  Six new teaching methods and valuable visual, verbal, and kinesthetic feeling cues get faster longer-lasting results so learners can teach themselves or their children.  This hallmark book and DVD sets are a complete curriculum and a must reference resource every family should have in their library to improve their skills and knowledge of water safety.

Dr. Pete has the All-American credentials, Ph.D. education, and 54+ years of experience so you can teach yourself or your kids to swim and help save more lives.  This one time investment under $100 is equal to over $1,000 in lessons that can be forgotten.  But the DVDs can be reviewed anytime to learn at your own pace, and shared with those you love and want to keep safe.

Both books and 3 different swimming instructional high definition DVD video sets or 3-7 hours each can be found in PACKAGE DEALS.

Dr. Pete also does radio interviews as a leading authority in drowning prevention and swimming instruction.  His most popular segment is teaching people how to start learning to swim at home without a pool using a kitchen sink, dressing mirror, mattress, and a bathtub so you can overcome your fears and become familiar with all the basic swimming skills you can easily transfer to the shallow end of a pool or lake.  As he tells adults, “What’s the worst that can happen?  You stand up!”

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