Everybody wins when you become an Affiliate

The MISSION is to save more lives due to needless drowning. 

This fundraiser program is  great for age-group, high school,
Masters swim teams, or any booster organization. 

You all have family, relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and teammates from other participating sports who don’t swim as well as you do but could use expert instruction to protect their families and enjoy more lifetime fitness and vacations together without fear of drowning.

  • Your buyer invests in a quality reference resource book/DVD instructional SYSTEM of easy-to-master one-minute steps so they can view brief lessons anytime to teach themselves or their kids to swim, keep improving strokes and skills to learn at their own pace, and get valuable knowledge of water safety concerns in unfamiliar places to avoid risks.  This saves and protects families $1,000’s in inadequate lessons.
  • You or your club get $40 for every book/DVD package of $97 sold using your assigned link without handling any orders or keeping any inventory for little effort.
  • We process the order through our secure shopping car, package the drop ship, and pay for the book and DVD printing and duplication costs.
  • We provide the valuable content worth more than $1000 in lessons taught and demonstrated by me, a pro, with 55 years of degreed teaching and competitive All-American and Masters World Record Holder experience.  My methods and cues are proven to get faster longer-lasting results instead of a young inexperienced instructor so your people will thank you for their progress.

We do all the heavy stuff, and also provide a 30 day money back guarantee!

  • Your investors can trial our book and DVD sets with complete confidence.
  • We provide you with your own special link and three scripted emails you can personalize.
  • Your members will use that link in the personalized emails or post on their social media to send out to their email group lists so they know the message is coming from them.
  • We will provide instructions how to create email group lists so they only have to send a blanket email one time to that entire group.
  • Those who get that email with the link can also forward it to their families, relatives, friends, co-workers, etc.
  • Every order processed through that link is credited to you or your team’s fundraiser.
  • Commission summary reports are generated for your review to know who invested in what items, and mailed to your with your check at the end of each month.
  • There is no time limit to market, sell, and collect commissions as there are with Girl Scout Cookies.  Although it is recommended you use a 30-60 day program with order deadlines.

This is an ideal team furndraiser because it takes little effort and no inventory to worry about.  There is no time limit on your link so that as more friends of friends, etc. pass along that link, you or your team fundraiser will continue to reap the benefits.  And with more people learning correct methods and cues from my pro demonstrations get faster longer-lasting results to tell their friends and save more lives.

This is how our Affiliate program works:

  • It is suggested that you appoint from your team a booster parent, accountant, secretary, or some other responsible party as your contact person to fill in our application so we can mail your commission reports and checks.
  • Fill in the easy form below to be considered and click the SUBMIT button.   I will personally review your application for approval and will call you to answer any questions you may have.
  • When approved you will be given a link to use on all your personalized emails or social media you or your team’s member families would forward to interested persons.
  • When an interested person places an order, cookies from that assigned link track back the order to your linked contact information you provided and give you credit and the order is shipped out in only a few business days to arrive quickly.
  • Commissions are paid out monthly from the order summary report so you can get a list of who purchased what package so you can learn who on your team and what package is best for your fundraiser.

We use a secure shopping cart system with Authorize.net, and never collect any bank card information.

How does the effort sending out a link on email or social media compare to your team’s members running a 2-3 12-14 hour per day swimming meet selling concessions, programs, getting and processing entry fees, scoring and awards, renting pool time, paying officials, getting enough volunteers to time, etc.?

Let me give you a fair example.  Anytown USA age-group, high school, or Masters swim club has 100 families – some with only one swimmer, some with maybe two swimmers on the team.  If each family markets to their personal list of perhaps as many as 100 contacts via email to their relatives, office and co-workers, neighbors, etc. to provide valuable content that can help save more lives – everyone wins!

How can anyone feel embarrassed marketing a valuable reference resource that
has the potential to save a life?

Out of those 100 contacts – and there could be more – each family moves just one DVD set as a
1 DVD set X 100 families = 100 DVD sets  X net profit of $40 each = $4,000!!!!

What profit did you make relative to all your efforts at the last 2-3 day weekend meet?

I lot of people try to make sure their kids are able to participate in a quality sport like swimming and also improve their skills and water safety.  This is an opportunity to share that passion and help save more lives wherever those contacts live and breathe.  Some contacts where there is no pool or experienced instructors could use this valuable resource.

My credentials and testimonial results provide the correct methods and cues most every competitor knows.   You also know that most instructors are young and inexperienced and not swimmers to know those valuable kinesthetic cues to feel the water pressure  or even demonstrate skills correctly. 

Today swim team members who would make good instructors go home to take a nap after doing 6-8,000 yds. in morning practices.  Those left to teach are taught by aquatic and pool directors who also are NOT former competitive swimmers to properly demonstrate and verbally describe the correct visual and feeling cues that I do as a World Ranked Masters swimmer with 54+ years of experience teaching 1000’s.

Perhaps your results may vary helping to save more lives and/or your team is smaller so you may only market 50 DVD sets.  But you’ll still profit $2000 with little effort compared to hosting a meet, car wash, or selling candy door-to-door!

Wouldn’t you rather see your friends invest in a valuable gift package they can improve
their swimming skills and safety anytime to view or review at their own pace?

Your members will be provided three email scripts so they can add a brief line or two to preface what your e-mail fundrraiser is all about, perhaps how you know me, and hopefully your favorable opinion with a good recommendation to help your fundraiser.

We reward your efforts with a commission of $40 for every book/DVD set package marketed at $97 plus $10 shipping and handling.  Note that the DVD sets are normally $97 and we include the $24.95 book for free to take to the pool.

The close ratio ranges between 5-10% and higher for those you know to have a higher interest in helping your team fundraiser like grandparents, aunts,and uncles.  Each team member should try to email at least 20-30 people or more and post the story and link on their social media to be more effective.

Keep in mind that the mission is to help save more lives.

If your group members went door-to-door selling candy bars or cookies, they would have to take the order, collect, and handle money, and then go back and deliver the product. What they are marketing, once consumed, is gone and perhaps not as healthy either.

But my book and DVDs sets are an investment resource because the content is based entirely on never out-of-date physics and psychology of learning principles and always readily available for every family member with the potential to save more lives.

This is an excellent fundraiser for age-group, high school, Masters swim teams, or any organization.  An average car wash may earn $800-1200 working all day in the hot sun with parents often doing most of the work.  Bake sales and selling programs and concessions at swim meets also prove less profitable.  But do the math and note that you are providing a program with a sequential system of easy-to-master steps to save more lives.  EVERYBODY WINS!!!!

If there are 30 girls on your high school team, and each has just 20 emails to send out to their family, relatives, out-of-town friends, and their parent’s co-workers, etc., the 30 x 20 = 600.  If 10% make the investment in one of the three DVD instructional sets for their home library, then your team would profit $40 for every set. 

(10% of 600 = 60 x $40 = $2400)

What also happens is that even those who choose not to invest this one year, will want to next year once they learn of your successful program, and the value of the content and the mission.  Whole communities buy in.

You see, it’s not just teaching swimming, and all the strokes.  The videos educate you about water safety concerns outside of that clear heated pool most people learn how to swim in.  Oceans, lakes, and rivers where you have wave action and currents with marine life is entirely different.  Sadly, parents and grandparents take their children to the ocean beach on vacation, and they do not know how to identify a rip current and avoid that area.  Knowing what to do also helps avoid panic where you learn to use your advanced floating skills.

I don’t know of any instructional series that has as much detail as I provide in my videos.  The best part is you get to learn at your own pace, and use the DVD menu to review all or parts of the videos whenever you want as a timely resource.  So if you hung up your summer suit for a few months, but pack it for that winter vacation you may want to do a quick review with your kids to prepare for the unexpected.

So complete the application form and give our lifesaving and sport improvement program a try today, and I will personally spend time with you to make it a success!

Dr. Pete

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