*** Age-Group Swimmers Only ***

This page is for 18 and under competitive swimmers.  You are learning a lifelong skill and personal discipline that you can apply to other areas of your life like studying habits, learning, relationships, and overall coordination to apply learning other sports skills as you mature.

When the going gets tough remind yourself: 

  • very few students your age are willing to make the hard work sacrifices to do what
    you do on a daily basis to improve your skills –
  • not just in swimming competition, but also in your school academics. 
  • Top swimmers also make top students that are valued by Colleges and Universities.

I have coached All-Americans:

  • Collegiate women and high school boys and,
  • Very large 150+ member age-group swim teams.  
  • My 1979 and 1980 high school teams were ranked 5th in the United States. 
  • Plus I was a 5-time All-American at Indiana University coached by the legend, Doc Counsilman. 
  • At IU I learned how to apply all the critical physic principles to coaching swimming from Doc. 
  • Four years later I earned my Ph.D. in Perceptual-Motor Learning and Sport Psychology or the psychology of learning physical skills so you can get faster longer-lasting results.


I want to share with you all those little technique tips that make
a difference in your workouts and competitive meet times
if you want to keep improving.


Do you swim for a large team but your coach seldom
works on your stroke technique?


Was your coach ever an elite swimmer making the finals
of the NCAA Division I?


Do you work on your sprints, middle distance, and
distance stroke techniques?


Do you ever talk about keeping a swim log of your workouts,
specificity of training, race pace, visualization and
mental practice skills, or starts and turns?


If not, then I have a supplemental solution for you that will help
make you a faster competitive swimmer.
And your coaches will soon take notice of your improvement
to spend more time with you.


It’s not your coach’s or your fault you have not learned
all the many All-American little tips and techniques.


But now you have the opportunity to pick up those little things that count
and see what happens to your workout and meet times.

You have two choices to improve or stay the same
working out hard but not improving enough to stay motivated: 

  1.  Invest in our 3:21 viewing time on our 2-DVD instructional series that covers all the stroke techniques, starts, turns, pace, specificity of training principles, mental skills training, visualization, tapers, diet and nutrition, and much more …
    for only $97 with over 80 easy-to-master one-minute skills lessons
    equal in value to over $1000 in lessons.  OR…
  2. Invest in our on-going “Blue Ribbon” Mastermind Group with ‘fast-start’ tutorials followed by Q&A sessions to answer all your questions, and access to a large archive of tips and tricks to
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