While they’re having fun in the water, you sun your buns on the hot beach sand dripping wet with sweat.
But they’re dripping wet with fun cool water.

So why did I take the personal time and considerable expense to write a book and produce the
#1 best-seller complete DVD swimming instructional series?

It’s become the #1 Best-Seller because it’s the one and only only series on the market
(on Amazon search “Teach Yourself to Swim” under videos) or my website as you’ll soon see?

In the summer of 2010 I learned of the drowning deaths of nine African-American teens –
all related brothers, sisters, and cousins. I was deeply saddened by this event and still am.
Every time I talk about it like now writing this it still brings tears to my eyes.

Imagine losing your child or grandchild to unintentional drowning.

You have to take action to achieve your personal safety and for your family. Water safety is a personal responsibility. I believe we are all God’s children and I don’t care what religion you belong. You gotta believe in something greater than yourself, and why a long time ago I chose to help people and give back what I have been blessed to learn from my 54+ years of teaching swimming. I became a teacher and then a K-12 school superintendent because I love kids.

Now for the first time I reveal all my swim instruction secrets in webinar tutorials that you can forward in my emails to help all those you love so they can get quality content and fast rewarding results.

I first learned how to teach swimming in our Saturday morning grade school learn-to-swim program my freshman year at Evanston Township High School in Illinois, the first suburb north of Chicago. I’ll admit I made my mistakes as any young inexperienced instructor would, but when I got my first kid, who happened to be African-American, to solo my freshman year because he did what I instructed him to do with proper cues, I was hooked.

As I went through college I managed lots of different aquatic facilities and taught 1000’s to swim in private and group half-hour lessons. Later I became Director of Aquatics for large high schools and a small university and taught 100’s to be excellent instructors. As a retired school superintendent I know how to write curriculum sequences.

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