Are you training harder now than ever before but your competitive meet times are not getting much better? Is it hard for you to find a good coach who can help you improve?

Well that good coach who has produced All-Americans and was an All-American at Indiana, who now has Masters World and National Records, and 21 Senior Olympic Summer Games gold medals is here now!

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It's not your fault why you haven't learned to swim or be more efficient before now.

  • Did you grow up in a rural or urban-suburban area where there was no pool, swim team, or an experienced instructor or coach?
  • Did you get frustrated and stopped taking lessons as a kid because you didn't see results to keep you motivated?
  • Did you grow up in a large family and could not afford lessons?
  • Was your coach ever an elite competitor like me?

I can't guarantee that you will become an elite competitor or be in the top 10 for your age-group like me. But I will guarantee you'll learn to do many little things well you were never coached to do so you can consistently improve.

  • The secret is in the skills sequence of easy-to-master one-minute steps
  • You can learn at your own pace; no pressure
  • You don't have to pay for lessons
  • You can share with your family, teammates, and friends
  • You get a reference resource you can review anytime and learn more stroke self-correction skills to keep improving, unlike lessons that you forget and go away

Do you know any reason why you believe you can't teach yourself to improve at home without a pool and learn specific skills to be more efficient in the water?

As a kid did you learn how to play catch, swing a bat, dribble a soccer ball, shoot baskets, or even swing a golf club in your backyard? Do you improve your skills now on a golf driving range, or hit tennis balls against a bang board? Why not learn self-correction skills you can apply in the pool?

If not, you will soon learn how and why I can easily teach you self-correction skills to more efficiently swim faster.

I've got good news because there's a brand new resource available just for competitive Masters, Senior Olympians, triathletes, and Age-Group Swimmers just like you who want to quickly and easily improve to enjoy more success!

Yes, it's true and you won't believe how simple it really is to make a few corrections that will make a difference in your mechanics with this system starting at home without a pool!

It's all inside a hot new book and DVD video resource called, "Teach Yourself To Swim Like A Pro In One Minute Steps." You learn a lot from TV now. Why not learn how to swim efficiently in competition in just a few hours?


As a competitor you'll be amazed how you'll improve mastering a few simple steps at home and in your warm up and warm down routines. These will condition the correct motor patterns in your brain focused on the correct kinesthetic feeling cues I will tell you.

You'll start at home without a pool using a kitchen sink, dressing mirror, mattress, and a bathtub. I know this sounds crazy because you already know how to swim. But this way you'll learn all the basic motor patterns before you go back to the pool. I'll show you how.

Then you can overcome your mechanics errors, learn at your own pace, save lots of $, and have an investment in a resource you can refer to anytime to refresh or learn more advanced competitive skills. You can also share your DVD set with your teammates and people you care about.

And competitors like you and me from all over the country are talking about "Teach Yourself To Swim" - here are just a handful of the recent comments from Masters Swimmers and triathletes:

Linda said: "I'm a triathlete and marathon runner. I was out of the pool a couple of years and I was looking for a professional to improve my technique to help me be more efficient. I met Dr. Pete by accident during his workout, and he's been absolutely fabulous. He's detail oriented to see my stroke mechanics underwater and give me the right cues I can easily understand and do to improve. I'm much more confident of my open water swim for my next triathlon in a few more months, and looking forward to more help from him."

Brian Goodell, Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Motivational Speaker and Coach said –"Learning to swim properly to ensure the safety of your kids and family was never this easy.  Now you can TEACH YOURSELF TO SWIM LIKE A PRO In One Minute Steps with instructions from a World Class pro, Dr. Pete Andersen.  His six unique teaching methods and simple to understand cues … get faster long-lasting results just from viewing DVD videos or reading the illustrated book.  This ultimate reference tool can be shared with family and friends year after year, and is the best investment you can make to learn how to swim correctly, overcome your fears, and improve your swimming technique for years of pleasure, fitness, or competition.

Chad, a former pro triathlete in the Iron Man Circuit with nine sponsors said: "I met Dr. Pete a year ago and asked if he could help my 10 year old son on our local age-group team. I was unsure how the technology would work, but each week I've sent him short videos using my phone that I upload in a Cloud based server for his review. Then we Skype so he can coach and demonstrate to my son the correct cues to think about in practice and meets. Dr. Pete has created "breakthroughs" coaching my son who has made rapid improvements in all his strokes. He knows just what to say to coach my 10 year old and adults, too. Dr. Pete emphasizes water pressure feeling cues to condition correct stroke technique. Wearing his goggles to see his underwater strokes and match what he feels in the water pressure has helped my son teach himself how to improve his skills and has consistently improved his times in practices and meets. As vice-chair on our local Park District Board, I've recommended our aquatic personnel use his book and DVDs to suggest new teaching methods that will help more students in our community learn to swim faster."

And what's got these people so excited?

Well, let me give you just a tiny peek of what's inside this amazing content:

  • A complete teach yourself competitive swimming curriculum for all your strokes, starts, turns, pace, mental skills, workout examples, and much more so you can become a more complete and confident competitor.
  • Stroke mechanics based on physics AND psychology of learning principles so you can learn fast the right way the first time.
  • Correct visual, verbal, and kinesthetic feeling cues so you can get faster longer-lasting results.
  • Six new teaching methods other instructors and coaches do not know about so you can learn new stroke mechanics much easier.

Before Now This Complete Self-Coaching System Wasn't Even Available

This is the first time this much information has been revealed. But I cannot promise how much longer I'll be able to keep this out there. There are too many Masters Swimming coaches who would prefer I never shared one single secret inside "Teach Yourself To Swim."

If you think about this – it may be too late. Another competitive season will have passed with the same results!

Frankly, it took me 2 ½ years to get the secret one-minute step sequence right just writing the book, and another year to film, edit, and produce the #1 selling DVD instructional series. And if you tried to create this content on your own hiring pros like me it would run you well over $20,000.

But to be fair I'm not going to charge you $20,000. In fact, it's not even going to be $1,000 you'd spend on lessons to learn all this valuable content.

Everything in this 2 DVD set of 3 hours and 21 minutes of viewing time is yours for only $97.

Sure you can find a program that will give you a break on their lessons by offering you 5 half hour lessons for $100, and they might be able to teach you 3-4 steps from my system in each half hour. But that still only gives you 20 steps at best!


In my system you get over 80 easy-to-master one-minute stepsof more content for only $97.

That amounts to only $1.21 for each step!

If you follow my system, you'll be competing at a higher level in only 2-3 hours just doing the basic correction steps – it's that easy.

And because it's a DVD set you can review your skills anytime and share them with your family and teammates for years to come.

But wait! Just to help "nudge" you along – let me gift you with several bonuses worth an extra $52 just for jumping on this today.


Bonus Gift 1 Teach Yourself To Swim Valued at $24.95

You get a copy of the "Teach Yourself To Swim" book with 1046 pictures in how-to sequences for all the skills. You can take the book to the pool to copy the picture sequences and reread the brief "how-to" instructions.

Bonus Gift 2 Blue Ribbon Group Valued at $17 per month.

You get a free month membership to our monthly "Blue Ribbon Group" bwith tutorial webinars followed by Q&A to answer all of your questions so you can get jump started for immediate results!

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Will my "Teach Yourself To Swim" coaching content work for you?

Well for sure it won't work if you let it collect dust on your shelf. But you will learn when you follow every easy-to-master step in my one-minute step system. Even if you think you know how to do a step, do it anyway. If you really know it, you can demonstrate it easily.

But what if you can't? Then you have to master that step before moving on to the next one. But think how rewarding that will be to know for sure you can do that step? Now there's only one way to find out and I'm willing to give you 30 Days to check it out for yourself absolutely risk-free.


That's right, I'll let you check out all the content, read the book, look at the picture sequences, and watch the DVD to see my correct demonstrations to copy and look over everything in the package for a full 30 days.

Give my system a complete test-drive and if you're a non-elite competitor (not in the top 10 rankings for your age-group) and don't believe you'll improve your times by being more efficient to swim farther and faster with less effort you can return our package for a complete refund.

Come on – what have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing but another frustrating competitive season. Who wants to do all that hard work in the pool and not get results?

Jump on this right now before it's too late. Put smiles instead of frowns on your face after races. Don't hate yourself for missing out.

Swim Video "The new science of swimming instrucyion"


Dr. Pete

P.S. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to apply all of these easy-to-master one-minute steps. Just a few changes will improve your times! Plus, your extra free bonuses, the book you can take to the pool or lake with you and our excellent webinar tutorials so you can begin to see immediate results!

Dr. Pete , San Diego