As the radio host or producer, you can download/view my 29 step system e-book “teach yourself (or your kids) how to swim at home without a pool” and nine page article “Tips to Prevent Drowning” – click here.   It only takes me a minute or two to explain how your audience can do several of these easy-to-master skills at home.

An interview with me will prove very enlightening for you and your audience.  No other instructor in the world has my credentials, education, and experience to know what to say, and do at the right time.

If your community has just experienced a drowning or near drowning, now is the time to use this teachable moment as a community service to interview me to provide answers to their questions live on-air and how to take action to prevent such tragedies and keep their families safer.

If you are a TV producer, all I need is a kitchen sink like you would use for a cooking show, a bench or mattress to lie down on, a portable dressing mirror, and maybe instead of a bath tub a plastic kiddie pool will work to kneel down in or next to.

You can download a PDF of my PRESS KIT.

When the book was written and in the process of getting published, a few ads in the Radio and TV Interview Report over several months produced these interviews:

2/25/12            Internet             Mequon, WI            Host, Michael Dresser

1/10/12            KXYL                 Brownwood, TX      Host, Mark Cope

7/21/11            KAIR                  Atchinson, KS          Host, Steve White

7/05/11            KBMW              Wahpeton, ND         Host, Jamie Dickerman

6/30/11            KBIZ                  Denver, CO               Host, Rashke Catlin

6/26/11            WBHN                                                   Host, Paul Mitler

Then, I focused on getting the book into print and producing a complete DVD set of instructional swimming videos that could be viewed by a larger group at one time and market to visual learners.  This left little time for interviews until now.

My MISSION is to save more lives from needless drowning.  By marketing my book and videos through social media, I can reach more people who need help worldwide.  This is especially true in rural and low income urban and suburban areas where there is no swimming pool, experienced instructors, or is a seasonal activity.

In those areas, the instructors lack personal swimming skills and teaching methods to get faster longer-lasting results.  This marketing approach is opposite to the current view that you need a pool in a tax supported metropolitan area with trained swimming instructors.

But this does not answer the question why 10 people are still drowning in the United States each day, and many more in other countries.  Parents teach their childrenh other kinds of sports skills at home, why not swimming skills?  Home improvement stores depend on your average person to be able to learn and do their own remodeling and building projects.  Learning to swim and teaching your children how to swim should be no different given my quality book and video series.

There are certainly more parents than swimming instructors, and most swimming instructors are also young and inexperienced.  In my view, parents and grandparents can be taught how to teach swimming to their children very well using my thumbnail picture sequences with accurate explanations and demonstrations in very small easy-to-master one-minute steps.

Water safety is more than just knowing how to swim a few feet.  Swimming is all about efficient movement using floating principles and water safety resting skills as well to avoid early exhaustion that gets you into trouble.   Knowledge of the forces of water in other aquatic environments is very important because most people learn in a clear heated pool with goggles so they can always see the bottom a few feet under their bodies.

Families go on vacations and swim in other unfamiliar environments without regard to their safety and the dangers they could experience and be prepared to avoid or handle.  Tragically some family members drown without forethought.  I have addressed these kinds of areas in my book and videos that no other swimming instructional book or program has done before.

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