Now you are saying, “What the heck. I don’t need this. I already know how to swim.”
I can tell you from all my travels I’ve observed this one fact:

90% of all adults inefficiently swim with their heads out of water to exhaustion.

So if you are one of those 90% and an active lifestyle adult I can make you very efficient in about one hour if you follow my simple one-minute step system. Then if you suffer a joint injury running, biking, hiking, etc., you can turn to swimming to take the gravity off your hurt areas and still maintain your cardio vascular fitness.

OK. To finish my story, I wasn’t a fast enough swimmer to make our State Championship team. But I really admired my high school coaches and decided to be a PE teacher and coach. My coach suggested I go to Indiana coached by Doc Counsilman. After I finished my Masters there, Doc coached Mark Spitz to 7 Olympic Gold medals in the 1972 Munich Games, and went on to string together six NCAA Championships.

We were 2nd in the NCAA Championships my junior and senior year. Ok, so I go to IU in Bloomington, Indiana. Back then the NCAA did not let freshman compete in any sport, but we went to some AAU meets and had some time trials. In the April I went to my first AAU National Championship and took 3rd in the country in the 220 yard (equal to 200 meters) breaststroke.

Imagine going from an unknown to 3rd in the country in one year!

As a competitor do you think I could help you achieve more success? You don’t copy poor models any more than driving a beater across the state thinking it might break down and leave you stranded. Poor incomplete swim instruction can leave you or your kids with a false sense of security. To be safe you all need more knowledge and skills that I offer in my complete curriculum package book and DVD. Let me teach your kids with my book pictures and videos!

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