***  For Competitive Masters & Senior Olympic Swimmers Only  ***

  • You will greatly benefit from the advanced skills that go beyond efficient strokes to deal with mental preparation, peaking, specificity training, workouts, stroke drills, starts and turns, weight training, pre competitive routines, mental skills like visualization and goal setting, etc.
  • I feel your pain when you have lost a close race at the finish. This happened to me only a few times and it was so painful that I made sure by my training it would rarely if ever happen again.

Here is the link to my video Gold Medal record 100 yard IM swim at the 2009 Summer Senior Olympic Games held at Stanford: Click on the Video… 


Note that I was one full body length behind at the 50 and could have given up but check out what my weight training and practicing breath holding 25’s at the end of practices did for me on the finish. 

  • Who among the top 3 in view took a breath from the flags on in?  
  • Who took shorter faster strokes in rhythm to supply more oxygen and force?
  •  Who glided in? 

I find that most competitive swimmers do not train properly or do weight training to get strength endurance. Many Senior Olympic swimmers do whatever all the other swimmers in their workout lane are told to do even though they are of different ages, perform different strokes, and event distances.  

Sprinters train much differently these days than distance swimmers who can crank off 10-100’s on 1:30 with only 10 seconds rest at a pace perhaps only 7 seconds off their 1000 split time per hundred.

Conditioning your body to perform is more than just doing the yardage in a set time allotted to practice.  Whether you do 1200 or 3000 yards in an hour practice only matters if the intensity and quality are different depending on what you are conditioning.

  • Top swimmers will have three different stroke techniques for the 50, 100, or 200 and their pace and training regiment will vary accordingly.
  • They call this specificity of training that Doc Counsilman made famous with interval training at higher intensity levels. 
  • Doc was also known for his “Hurt-Pain-Agony” graphic concept I heard many times and did in practices. 
  • You do the workouts and focus on the little techniques I will coach you how to perform and YOU will swim faster times to gain more pride.

I would be pleased if you know more about competitive swimming than I do to share techniques, but if you do not then consider investing in a video lesson via Skype or Facetime.  Go to COACHING for more information. Winning has its price; so does losing.  If you are going to train, then train more purposefully to get it done.

The 5-6 hour DVD Competitor Set includes my demonstrations and directions for all the fundamentals instructional skills.  As an added bonus, this Competitor DVD set includes an additional 80 steps that cover advanced stroke techniques, starts, turns, training specificity, workouts, goal setting, and mental skills preparation with visualization.  Make your investment.  Go to PACKAGE DEALS so that you can review and share.

Winning takes mental and physical skills to increase your self motivation to keep working and improving when the going gets tough. Do you have what it takes?  I have also written a complete book on how to learn self motivation skills that I will also coach you how to perform. 

You can place your book order at the PACKAGE DEALS.

Thanks, Dr. Pete.  I want to get started.  Take me to your COACHING page to enroll.

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