FEE:    $ 37 billed to your credit card on same day of enrollment each calendar month

VALUE:  Each month equal to 4-6 private 30 minute lessons at $30 each = $120-180


  • Get 2-3 “how-to” instructional swimming skills videos to download each week
  • Get 2 – 50 minute tutorial webinars scheduled one every two weeks followed by Q&A to ask any swimming question.  I will remain online as long as it takes to answer all your personal questions (Replay links will be provided)
  • Get access to “Swim Tips” and “Learn To Swim Program” podcasts archives (as a member you will be given your own unique password to access archives).
  • Make “Comments” what you learned and results achieved, and suggest future webinar content
  • Get discounts to other products, services, and clinics
  • Click on “AMBASSADORS” to become a registered member of the  club (voluntary) and be entitled to occasional gift discount offers.


  • ACTIVE LIFESTYLE – learn to swim, be efficient, improve health
  • PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, BEGINNERS, NON-SWIMMERS, INSTRUCTORS – learn to swim, teach yourself or your kids, overcome your fears, gain confidence, learn six new methods and numerous cues that get faster longer-lasting results
  • COMPETITOR – Masters, Senior Olympians, Triathletes, Age-Group swimmers – learn advanced competitive techniques.  Covered will be stroke mechanics, streamlining, starts, turns, pace, training specificity, mental skills – visualization, pre-race routines, goal setting, and sample workouts


  • Learn “teach yourself to swim one-minute step system”
  • Gain knowledge of how physics and psychology of learning principles are applied
  • Overcome your fears or hesitancy and gain valuable respect and confidence swimming
  • Learn to swim efficiently to conserve your energy to swim farther and faster
  • Learn all the swimming strokes and variety of floating and resting skills
  • Gain knowledge and respect for the powerful forces of water in waves and currents
  • Understand water safety concerns in unfamiliar aquatic environments to avoid danger
  • Improve your knowledge of marine life
  • Enjoy a higher quality of life enjoying more recreation with your family
  • Learn a variety of “little things that count” to improve your competitive times
  • Get a jump start learning to swim at home without a pool to save time and $$$

We are working to provide all instructional video downloads to other devices like i-Pads and tablets you can take to the pool.  Then copy my correct demonstrations with verbal instructions. You will learn to feel the water pressure on your hands and forearms at the same time as you observe the pattern with your goggles to condition correct form and efficient technique.

 To enroll complete the form below.
Click SUBMIT and you will be taken to the shopping cart.

  • Take a test run and sign up for your first month for only $5. 
  • We will capture your credit card information, and after the first month bill you on that day/date each month thereafter. 
  • You can opt-out anytime to cancel your membership by sending us an e-mail to, OR  leave us a voice message to 619-825-9770.

My personal guarantee is to provide excellent content to meet your personal needs.

  • I want you to get excellent value each month so you can get faster longer-lasting results!
  • Feel rewarded, and continue to be motivated to keep improving your swimming skills and tell all your friends to join.
  • Develop a good relationship so I can help you find satisfactory answers to all your questions.
  • Have fun learning new skills and gaining confidence to swim and enjoy more recreation.
  • Provide valuable water safety knowledge for unfamiliar environments to help keep you and your family safe.

BONUS #1:  Each month I will provide a simple contest to the entire membership on the tutorial webinar.  That winner will get an hour private video coaching lesson via Skype or Face Time with me, a $300 value!

Unless you decline, your name, hometown, and date you joined will also be listed as a Mission to Save Lives Ambassador on the website.  To be an Ambassador our expectation is that you will pass on what you learn to others or at least inform them how to get valuable content to help save more lives.

BONUS #2:  I will provide valuable resources such as links to quality posts of excellent swims on YouTube, lists of local swim schools, qualified private instructors, organizations, and associations all united in our Mission to Save Lives.

Becoming a BLUE RIBBON MASTERMIND GROUP member is easy.

  • You can still complete the form
    and enroll today to get started. 
  • Create your user ID (typically your email address) and password as directed. 
  • You will be sent a welcome e-mail that will require you to confirm your e-mail address to receive information and not get knocked out by your spam filter.
  • If you don’t see your welcome e-mail in a few hours, check your junk mail folder and select “Not Junk” so that all future correspondence will be accepted.

I personally look forward to helping you achieve your personal goals and
to save you time and $$$.

Dr. Pete

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