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If your community has just experienced a drowning or near drowning, now is the time to use this teachable moment as a community service to interview me, a leading authority on drowning prevention and swimming instruction.  I will provide answers to their questions live on-air, and how to take action to prevent such tragedies and keep their families safer.

As the radio host and producer, you can download my PRESS KIT here.

You can also download Tips to Prevent Drowning.”  This nine page article has sub topics for every audience.

No other instructor in the world has my credentials, education, and experience  to enlighten you and your audience.  I know what to say and do at the right time to get immediate results.   My introductory video can give you a better idea of our mission to save more lives through a completely different social media marketing approach to reach and serve more people. Click here to view the 3:25 video.

If you are a TV producer, I easily demonstrate these home skills in a studio.  All I need is a kitchen sink like you would use for a cooking show, a bench or mattress to lie down on, a portable dressing mirror, and maybe instead of a bath tub a plastic kiddie pool will work to kneel down in or next to.

Please complete the fields in the form and suggest a time or call me 24/7 on my cell 858-886-9820 to set it up and click on the SUBMIT button.  I will confirm your request and look forward to our interview at the appointed time.  If you want me to call you at the interview time, be sure to include the studio direct phone line number in the secondary phone field.

You can call me to fill in for any last minute cancellation by calling my cell phone.

Schedule Interview Form


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