Parents, Grandparents, Beginners, Non-Swimmers, and Instructors

These swim tips are designed to teach you how to teach yourself or your kids to swim.  I will focus on new methods and correct visual, verbal, and kinesthetic of feeling cues (for the water pressure on your hands and forearms) that are proven to get faster longer-lasting results.  I will also explain how I teach children with my six new methods and cues so you can feel comfortable using my information to teach yourself or your kids perhaps better than most young inexperienced instructors today.

You’ll get my proven system of easy-to-master one minute steps so that complex swimming strokes and skills can be broken down for you to learn much easier.  Then if you decide to afford and take lessons you’ll get more out of them. This will help you save time and money improving all your swimming skills and learning new strokes for your entire familiy as well as knowledge of water safety concerns in unfamiliar places to avoid risks on vacations.

The curriculum covers how to start learning to swim at home without a pool in a no-fear familiar place using your kitchen sink, dressing mirror, mattress, and a bath tub.  Then I’ll show you how to transfer all those now familiar skills and repeat them in the shallow end of a pool or lake where you can stand up!

Also covered as you progress in this complete instructional curriculum will be breath holding, a variety of floating skills to relax and avoid panic, body position and streamlining, kicking and freestyle alternate arm stroking with proper breathing, backstroke, elementary backstroke, resting skills, deep water skills, breaststroke, and advanced survival skills.  Plus what no other book covers – water safety concerns in unfamiliar places to improve your knowledge of the powerful forces of water in wave actions, currents, hypothermia dangers, and marine life so you can avoid taking unnecessary risks.

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