Dr. Pete Andersen is changing the science of swimming instruction with a full 10 hours of DVDvideos and illustrated book, TEACH YOURSELF TO SWIM LIKE A PRO In One Minute Steps.  He uses his Ph.D. to blend the psychology of learning with the applied physics principles learned from Doc Counsilman as a 5-time All-American at Indiana to provide six unique teaching methods no other instructor knows about.  He is among the best swimming teachers I know. — Adolph Kiefer, 1936 Olympic Gold Medalist, Swim Equipment Mfg.,  www.Kiefer.com, “Everything But The Water”  Click here for his testimonial.

Learning to swim properly to ensure the safety of your kids and family was never this easy.  Now you can TEACH YOURSELF TO SWIM LIKE A PRO In One Minute Steps with instructions from a World Class pro, Dr. Pete Andersen.  His six unique teaching methods and simple to understand cues provide excellent content to get fast long-lasting results just from viewing up to 10 hours of DVD videos and reading the companion illustrated book.  This ultimate reference tool can be shared with family and friends year after year, and is the best investment you can make to learn how to swim correctly, overcome your fears, and improve your swimming technique for years of pleasure, fitness, or competition. — Brian Goodell, Olympic Gold Medalist, Motivational Speaker and Coach, www.GoldMedalMinds.com,   Goldspeaker@GoldMedalMinds.com

TEACH YOURSELF TO SWIM LIKE A PRO In One Minute Steps video DVDs and illustrated book is going to revolutionize how we teach swimming.  No other instructor in the world has Dr. Pete Andersen’s collegiate All-American at Indiana under Doc Counsilman, the World’s Greatest Swimming Coach, Masters Swimming World Records credentials, Ph.D. in the psychology of learning skills education, and 50+ years of teaching thousands aged 3 months to 82 years experience! Dr. Ken Kimball, Cdr. U.S. Navy, retired 1967 Inventor and Co-founder of Masters Swimming and Competitor for 66 years 

Ted Paone, Austin, TX, was a complete non-swimmer who discovered my book at a conference in Los Angeles.
Ted Paone  Click here to learn of his emotional story.  Click here to hear my emotional response.

Peter Fechheimer is a Senior Olympian I’ve helped since meeting at the 2013 Cleveland Summer Olympic Games.  Click here  to hear his testimonial.

Peter Fechheimer indoor pool

Beth Dice is a beginner triathlete who needed to improve her swimming skills to     conserve more energy for her bike and run.   Click here for her testimonial.

Mike Freshley, teammate, and Masters World Record Holder.  Click here for his testimonial.
Mike Freshley
Click here to hear the testimonial of my triplet boys when they learned to swim and what they can do now. Triplets

060111_300As an active triathlete I need to swim effectively and efficiently.   Pete Andersen’s swimming methods taught me how to better swim. I am more effective and more efficient in the water.  His verbal cues along with simple steps taught me to swim like a pro.  These easy to follow steps are basic and have helped me to become a more confident swimmer.  —  Patti Heard, triathlete and high school teacher









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