***  For Triathletes Only  ***

Are you inefficient in swimming so that you have little left
for the bike and the run?

Are you a triathlete just happy to finish the swim without panic?  

Are your times so slow you think you were treading water more
to avoid getting kicked in the face?

I have the solution to your problem.

In less than an hour I can teach you how to swim efficiently –
that is if you already know how to swim – and help you conserve
as much as 50% more of your energy for the bike and run.


  1. Swim with your head out of water.  It will drop your legs down and create
    a lot more resistance and require more energy to perform.
  2. Try to start the race in the middle of the pack.  The calm water is on the
    outside line to the first buoy.
  3. Keep taking short choppy strokes.  More strokes means more energy expenditure.
  4. Kick harder to keep your body from rolling.  The kick provides only 11% of your
    propulsion, but will require 50% more energy.  


  1. Start on the far outside of the pack to swim in smoother water.
  2. Take longer strokes focusing on floating first and stroking second.
  3. Let the water buoy you up instead of pressing down your hands and arms
    in the catch and rotation phase.
  4. Use a 2-4 beat cross-over kick just enough to keep your legs from sinking.
  5. Keep your head down as it controls your body position. This will keep your legs up.
  6. Breathe every right or left arm stroke so you won’t become hypoxic.
  7. Get into a natural rhythm at a pace to replenish your air supply.
  8. Use techniques in practices that you expect to do in competition so you can improve your
    swim times by as much as 30-50%!

Stop exhausting yourself and take action now to learn
efficient swimming
and pace to enjoy your sport more.

When the equipment is YOU, you have to take action to
move up to the top of your game.

Thanks, Dr. Pete.  I want to get started.
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