You think you are OK but you learned in a clear heated pool. Now you’re exposed to an unfamiliar environment like an ocean rip current, or a fast moving muddy stream full of objects in a surprise flood. What do you think your chances are if you never learned how to float really well first?

Now back to my story. I proved what a great coach Doc was, and he and his wife Marge were like my mom and dad.
They provided a caring coaching model I followed to coach All-Americans and teach people to swim.

I was coachable, and I wrote every tip and cue Doc ever told me along with every workout that I want to share with you. I have been doing this since I was a high school sophomore. I went on to become a 5-time All-American because I worked my butt off, and didn’t go out and drink and do drugs like some other athletes of this era.

The point is I learned how to apply and teach all the physics principles from the greatest coach of all time. No other instructor can say that. And by the time I graduated with my Master’s degree I had 10 years of teaching experience under my belt plus two teaching degrees!

My first teaching assignment was as a head coach and director of aquatics for a large northwest Chicago suburban high school. I was never an assistant because I had a lot more experience and success at 23 than others who had applied.

The problem with instructors today is this.

When I was in high school we worked out maybe 2,000 yards in the morning. We had enough energy to be the lifeguard and teach lessons during the day in the hot sun. But today swimmers go 8,000 yards in a morning workout and go home to take a nap. What’s left to teach swimming to your little kids are inexperienced high school and young college kids home for the summer who may not have taken a high school physics class. That is one reason why 3700 people are still drowning each year and why 90% of adults never mastered their breathing in lessons as a kid to swim laps for fitness now.

And what’s worse today with many more public and private club pools open only from Memorial to Labor Day is that those pool managers are also NOT SWIMMERS. And yet they are responsible for teaching those inexperienced kids how to teach swimming to your kids and grandchildren!

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