Why are there on average 10 unintentional drowning deaths per day?

Why average of ten unintentional drowning deaths per day has not decreased.

Because the marketing model is flawed.
Programs depend on YOU finding THEM.
But my one minute step SYSTEM teaches you how to teach yourself,
learn more, save $$$ and gain more value.

In the last two years do you know of a family member or of someone reported in your local news that has drowned?

You have to stop thinking drowning will happen to the other guy because water has a way of finding you.
Ask the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Sandy or the recent canyon rains in Boulder, Colorado area.

Our value is simply this: Programs offer a package of 5 lessons for $100 (they never tell you their curriculum or their instructor’s experience – you only assume in good faith they know what they are doing).
My program through a book and DVD series offers 320 easy-to-master lessons in a complete spelled out curriculum sequence for only $97!

Let me teach you. I have 54+ years of experience, credentials (proven results), and a Ph.D. in the psychology of learning principles to go with all the physics principles I learned as a 5-time All-American swimming for the greatest swimming coach of all-time. Doc Counsilman was our 1964 and 1976 U.S. Men’s Olympic Swim Team head coach.

Before you decide you don’t think you need to know how to swim or swim more efficiently, think about all the fun you see other families doing on vacations. In only a few hours you can learn to float holding your breath for 20 seconds. Then add a moderate kick and long arm strokes so you can stay afloat without fear and be swimming where you can stand up to overcome your fear.

If you ever spent time learning a backyard sports skill you later transferred to the playing field or court, then you can learn all the basic swimming skills at home, too, without a pool.

I’ll teach you how you can use your kitchen sink, dressing mirror, mattress, and a bath tub to get familiar with all the skills you’ll need to swim. Then transfer those skills to the shallow end of a pool or lake where you can stand up!

And I’ll also teach you how to bring your legs up to your chest in the floating level position to rotate your bottom down so you can plant both feet firmly on the pool or lake bottom to stand up well before you run out of air.

So get started today saving money, sharing my book and videos with your entire family so everyone can learn at their own pace starting at home to overcome their fears. Use this link http://bit.ly/1NdevtV to order right now from our secure shopping cart to give your family the gift that keeps on giving.

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